How to Hear God Speak to You

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Do you have a hard time hearing God speak to you? Many years ago, I was having a hard time hearing from Him. So I decided to try something new. Rather than coming before Him with all my worries and prayer requests, I deliberately sat still and just listened, waiting for Him to speak. This poem is the result of that time of quiet reflection.

Be Still

If I close my eyes and remain perfectly still
 will I be able to shut out the noise of the day?
The barking dog across the street?
My neighbour’s children yelling?
The drone of the dishwasher?

Be STILL and know that I am God.

How can I be still enough to hear You, O Lord?
My mind is always racing.
Thoughts pop into my head,
random ideas that beg to be chased down.
I am still, but there is too much noise.

How do I HEAR you O Lord?

Do I keep repeating Your name like a mantra?
Will humming work, or scented candles?
Do I search the Scriptures looking for signs
that You are speaking only to me?

How do I HEAR you?

BE STILL and know that I am God.

Is it in the waiting?
How long do I give you before You will speak?
One hour? Two?
I have waited, yet I do not hear.

BE STILL and know that I am God.

I stepped outside and my ears were overwhelmed
 with noise from cars, children, dogs and lawnmowers.
It is hard to focus inside my house.
It is equally hard outside.

And then I heard You.

A still small voice.

A gentle breeze that caressed my face.
The leaves rustling in the trees,
blowing a sweet sound of praise.
A sunbeam piercing through a cloud
landing on my face with a warm, gentle kiss.
Subtle touches that fill my heart
till it is close to bursting with joy!

No audible voice, but a presence that is unmistakable.

It is not the stilling of my mind or the sounds around me 
that enable me to hear you.
I hear You because I have pursued You
and You love to be pursued.

So, I will seek you in the morning and in the evening.
I will talk to you throughout my stress-filled, noisy, busy days.
And I will hear You because 
I am Your child and You are my God, my Father, my Saviour.

My Friend.

“Be still, and know that I am God;
   I will be exalted among the nations,
   I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)

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