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  • Eight Practical Ways to Live Holy Lives

    I have talked about spiritual sacrifices and what that means when practicing holiness. But how can we practice holiness if we have not yet fully grasped what that entails? Over 45 years ago, holiness (or what I perceived as holiness) was something I experienced on a regular basis when I stepped into my church every…

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  • Do You Know What Spiritual Sacrifices Are?

    When God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, He led them to the wilderness of Sinai. They set up camp at the base of Mount Sinai, and God spoke to Moses on top of the mountain. When God descended upon the mountain, His very presence made it holy. He told Moses to set up boundaries…

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  • Are You Missing Out on God’s Blessings?

    “Baruch At Hashem, Eloheinu Melech Ha’Olam, Asher Kideshanu Bemitzvotav Vetzivanu La’asok B’divrei Torah.” “Blessed are you, Hashem our G-d, King of the universe, Who has made us holy through His commandments, and commanded us to actively Study Torah.” The above is a blessing of the Torah that Jews pray every morning. I have been learning…

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  • Does God Really Want us to be Holy?

    15 But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, 16 because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:15-16, NKJV Why does God call us to be holy? Is it even possible? In the Old Testament, the primary Hebrew word for holy or holiness is qodesh, which means something that is…

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  • What Happened to Christianity?

    You’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the word “Christian” has become a dirty word. In a little over 30 years, Christians have gone from a force of good in the world to something that is mocked and shunned. One has to wonder, why? What happened to Christianity? When did it become acceptable…

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  • Check Out These Great Books!

    Check Out These Great Books!

    Book reviews by Laura J. Davis from Interviews & Reviews.

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  • How to Hear God Speak to You

    How to Hear God Speak to You

    Do you have a hard time hearing God speak to you? Many years ago, I was having a hard time hearing from Him. So I decided to try something new. Rather than coming before Him with all my worries and prayer requests, I deliberately sat still and just listened, waiting for Him to speak. This…

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  • What Does it Mean to be a Good Christian?

    Did Jesus say you have to ask Him into your heart to be saved? Do I have to say the “sinner’s prayer”? Do I have to ask Jesus to take control of my life and accept Him as my Saviour? What does that even mean? What does it mean to be a good Christian? How…

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  • What Does it Mean to be Born Again?

    The term “born again” is something that I didn’t even know had happened to me when I found Jesus. I had been searching for something for a long time. I had joined a church because I wanted to know more about God. I didn’t even know what had happened to me until I shared my…

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