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  • My Epic Baking Fail

    My Epic Baking Fail

    My first attempt at baking was printed in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life. I thought it was suitable for today’s Daily Prompt. I have updated it a bit. I married a man whose mother loved to bake. Naturally, he assumed I would be just like her. I wasn’t. My mother served Jell-o, store-bought…

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  • How to Have Your Prayers Heard

    It is hard to imagine being in the hospital (with brief time-outs) for five months. I will be honest, the longer I stayed in the system, the harder it was for me to see God at work. The lack of communication between my doctors and their team was disheartening. As a result, I felt I…

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  • Why Was Jesus Rejected at Nazareth?

    Have you ever wondered why the people in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth rejected him over a few little words? He had just finished reading the following to them: “The spirit of the L-rd GOD is upon me; because HaShem hath anointed me to bring good tidings unto the humble; He hath sent me to bind…

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  • Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    I apologize for the gross picture. It is a before and after of my journey that began on May 22, 2021, and while not nearly as bad, is still ongoing. I post it here to give you an idea of not only what I’ve been going through but also how God works to get you…

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  • The Lies Christians Believe

    The Lies Christians Believe

    What Can We Learn From Jesus Wilderness Experience? Did you ever notice what Jesus filled up on before he went into the wilderness for forty days? For that matter, did you notice why he went into the wilderness? In Luke 4:1, we get the answers to both of these questions:​Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy…

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  • Author Interview & Giveaway

    Author Interview & Giveaway

    Today, I am thrilled to welcome Connilyn Cossette to Interviews & Reviews once again! Connilyn is our book of the month winner for August, for Voice of the Ancient and we are giving away one print copy to someone in Canada and one print copy to someone in the States!  Visit Interviews & Reviews to find out more!

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  • Why Was Jesus Baptized?

    Why Was Jesus Baptized?

    Why was Jesus baptized? John preached a baptism of repentance, yet Jesus had nothing to repent of, so why would he be baptized? There are several reasons why Jesus went through the process of baptism. We’ll start with the most obvious first. When Jesus approached John to be baptized, John tried to deter him by…

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  • Why is Jesus called the Lamb of God?

    When John the Baptist came on the scene, encouraging people to repent of their sins and be baptized, he was like a throwback to the prophets of old. The people of Israel had not seen a prophet like John in over 400 years, and suddenly there he was preaching repentance with baptism and announcing that…

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  • What Following Jesus Should Look Like in the 21st Century

    Who was Jesus? And what was his relationship to the Apostle John? To be a disciple of Jesus means “to follow Him.” But what does that look like for the 21st-century Christian? Where does one start in not only following Jesus but in knowing Him? We start with an eyewitness to His life, death, and…

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  • How Does Jesus See You?

    How Does Jesus See You?

    Did you ever notice when Jesus met someone that he didn’t see them as they were at that moment, but he saw their potential, or that he looked not at their actions but at their character? Take, for example, the first time he meets Simon, the brother of Andrew (John 1:4–42). Jesus changed his name…

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